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Hire an in-ear monitor or headphone if you want to perform a presentation according to event industry standards. In ear monitor and headphone systems provides hearing protection and is perfect for professionals and keynote speakers at any event, exhibition, conference or trade show.

At Event Hire Berlin we have various in ear monitors and headphones available for hire, they are compatible with most headphones, however we personally prefer and recommend the Shure range. As a professional event rental and exhibition hire company based in Berlin, we supply to almost every major conference but also to a number of independent festivals and parties.

In-ear monitors and headphones are also great for band members that are playing backing tracks and need to hear themselves and other band members. For this, we also provide a range of audio visual equipment from loudspeakers to digital mixers and lighting systems for any party, event and festival.

The in-ear monitor and headphone systems we offer for rental reduce external sounds significantly and allow you to perform with maximum concentration. 

In Berlin and the metropolitan area, we're at your service when it comes to professional audio visual systems, event furniture as well as exhibition and trade show equipment. Hire our in-ear monitor system online and get it delivered to your event venue together with all other items and graphics.

Are you looking for any other items that you haven't found yet? Get in touch with our support team and share your inquiry with us. 

In ear monitor set, Shure PSM600.
Body-pack-receiver with stereo headset and UHF station.
Over 1400 frequencies.


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