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Event Hire Berlin | Rent Interpreter Booth

Hire an interpretation booth or translation booth for your conference or event in Berlin! Event Hire Berlin is your one-stop shop for professional event supplies, av hire and interpretation equipment.

If you intend to hire an interpretation booth or translation booth, you should be aware that our professional interpretation and sound equipment will provide acoustic separation between interpreters working simultaneously at your event or conference. This is especially significant if you want  a comfortable working environment to be guaranteed.

Your professional interpreters will be able to maintain the intense level of concentration required for their work. Additionally, the sound of their own voices from ouside the booth will be reduced and the guests and visitors of your event will not be disturbed at all.

The audio visual department of our warehouse has a vast range of professional interpretation and translation equipment available for rental. Our translation booths are absolutely perfect for your conference or event, especially if you want to make sure that you can provide sufficient, two-way audio communication between the interpreters and the listeners!

All of our professional interpretation and translation booths can include the following features:

● Easy to assemble
● Light weight
● Working tables for two translators
● Air conditioning
● Sound proof flooring and walls
● Custom size build option available

Don't hesitate to rent a professional translation or interpretation booth with us today! Our AV team is always thrilled to hear from you and we're always at your services to discuss your needs via email or over the phone via +49 30 577 026 113.

Share the details of your project with us now by contacting our event rental company directly. We'll follow up with you right away!

This pricing is an example, the package includes:

 One translation or interpretation booth including two workspaces
 150 digital infrared headsets and receivers for your audience
 Complete control and transmission technology
 Transmission of the original sound of an existing sound system

Logistics, installation and dismantling; rental period for 3 days.


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