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Hire Display Mannequins Berlin | Mannequin Rental

Rent display mannequins in Berlin - no matter if would like to hire our male and female mannequins for your department store, retail environment, event or exhibition we are at your service.

Event Hire Berlin has a vast range of display mannequins, bust forms, torsos and fashion show supplies available for rent.
We deliver to any venue within the Berlin metropolitan area from our city centre warehouse.
If you would like to collect the mannequins yourself, that's possible as well.

This particular display mannequin is a female version and comes in white color.
Please get in touch with our warehouse team if you would like to learn more about the rental options.
We have got other mannequin options available for hire as well.

Our mannequins are available in various colors and styles so if you don't find what you seek, please let us know and we will double check if we have the required type available.
Make sure you don't miss our furniture rentals and fashion show supplies - e.g. coat and garmet rails, vanity mirrors or lighting options.


Data sheet

175 cm
10 kgs

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